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The Best Priced Selvage Denim in The World


Our jeans are made from rigid and raw 14.5oz Selvedge denim. Selvedge denim is the only true “vintage” denim as its woven on old-school machines called shuttle looms.
These old looms were commonplace in American denim mills from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. In the 1950s, with the rising of youth culture, the birth of rock & roll and the creation of Hollywood celebrity culture, the mills soon abandoned these slower special machines and adopted newer, faster, mass production facilities. Several Japanese mills were happy to pick up many of the discarded looms (and also made reproductions of the vintage machines) so that they could revive the art of denim.
Selvedge denim is special because it is rare and expensive, because it cannot be mass-produced, and because each yard of denim is a unique piece of wearable art. Just flip up the cuff of your jeans or look inside the coin-pocket to see the neat white & blue “self edge” (hence the term selvedge), which is the “proof” that this denim is made on a shuttle loom and not a new mass-production loom.

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