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Final Letter Regarding Local35

I feel like I need a little more explanation for my actions in closing Local35.

When I started Local35 in 2003, I was a 25 y/o ski bum/photographer. I found the location on Hawthorne during a morning coffee stroll and knew I could make a store from the ideas in my head. The brands I was drawn to were smaller brands (back then) like RVCA, WESC, Freshjive and others. They were mostly affiliated with skate/active lifestyle.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I really got into the fashion side of the industry. The finer fittings, fabrics and fashion as an expression and art.

Local35, being such a site-specific name and the Hawthorne location didn't allow me to expand into the premium sector like I wanted nor could I move the store and have the name make sense.

It was time for change and a new chapter.
This new store, Machus, focuses on clothing designed for limited distribution by fashion designers. Hyper-creative people doing what they love. I have a wonderful relationship with every collection I sell and deeply admire each of them.

The bottom line, I am doing this to keep me on my toes and push myself. I am not a multi-location kind of business owner. I want to have one and do it to the best of my ability.

I hope you enjoy the new store and I thank you for 8 years of support.

-Justin Machus